Yesterday, the Miss Universe Colombia organization held a GROUNDBREAKING second casting after reopening the applications a few weeks ago due to the Miss Universe Organization's new rule accepting married women and mothers to participate. 7 of the 10 women who attended the casting are MOTHERS.

Ever since the announcement of the new Miss Universe rules back on August 5, there have been mixed emotions by pageant fans, in fact, more so negative than positive. Even though we are well in the 21st century, there are still large groups of people claiming a mother's place is next to her child, not in New York city reigning as Miss Universe. This casting, this organization and these women are proving that it is time to put a stop to the outdated, misogynistic views and claims. Women have been successfully balancing work & family for decades, breaking all the barriers and stereotypes against them. This, now, is giving women the power to choose to pursue their dream or not, instead of taking that power away from them only because they have a child. Now, no one except them gets to decide if they can live their dream or not.

During the casting, applicant Natalia Plata was asked how she planned to make time for her child along with being Miss Universe Colombia. Her response received ovations from the judges.

Watch RCN channel's full segment from yesterday's casting:


  1. It's heartwarming to see how the new rule is being received so well by miss Colombia org! Hopefully more nat. Orgs follow their lead.


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