Photo: Miss Universe Organization/Benjamin Askinas

Miss Universe Spain 2022 competition is right around the corner with its finals set this upcoming Saturday, June 10, at Los Olivos Beach Resort in Tenerife. Sarah Loinaz will crown her successor to represent Spain at the 71st Miss Universe competition.

Let's meet the 14 beautifully confident women vying for this year's crown.

1. ANDALUCIA, Alexandra Cucu
Alexandra is 20 years-old and holds a Bachelor's degree in human sciences. She is currently studying dramatic art at the ESAD in Malaga. She describes herself s committed, persistent and empathic. When she feels inspired, she writes down how she feels in that moment and reflects the feelings by composing songs.

2. ARAGON, Carmen Bello
Carmen is a 25 year-old model and student who defines herself as charismatic, determined and hard-working. In her childhood, she lived in 3 different countries.

3. ASTURIAS, Catherine Pelaez
19 year-old Catherine is a marketing and advertising student and an athlete. In 3 words, she defines herself as humble, intelligent and constant. She is also a handball coach for children aged 4 to 9 and loves eating pastries and going on walks to connect with nature.

4. BALEARES, Nadie Sanroma
This 28 year-old is currently pursuing a degree in early childhood education. She says she is a fighter, persevering and responsible. She believes that a smile can break down barriers.

5. CANARIAS, Susana Medina
Susana is a 23 year-old student of law and digital marketing. She defines herself as constant, hardworking and authentic. She says she's a very empathic woman who can't stand injustice which is the primary reason why she decided to pursue law, but also pageantry. She wants to have a voice with greater echo in order to empower women.

6. CASTILLA LA MANCHA, Lidia Brihuega
21 year-old Lidia is pursuing a career in marketing and advertising. She describes herself as empathic, ambitious and confident. She has a scar on her belly due to teratoma which she needed to have surgery for when she was only 20 years-old, causing one of her ovaries to be removed.

7. CATALONIA, Paula Ortega
27 year-old Paula has a nursing degree from the University of Barcelona. She defines herself as passionate, direct and persevering. At the age of eleven, she won an English speech contest in Catalonia.


Alicia is a 25 year-old model. Model. Interpretation. This semester, she will begin studying towards a psychology degree. In 3 words, she describes herself as charismatic, brave and kind. She left home when she was 17 years old and lived in the Philippines for almost 4 years therefore she has a multicultural mindset. Alicia has been practicing boxing since she was 15 years old.

9. EXTREMADURA, Elisabeth Perez
Elisabeth is the youngest and tallest contestant of the batch, at 18 years-old and measuring 1.85m. She is going to start studying Marketing at the URJC in Madrid. She defines herself as natural, extroverted and unpredictable. One of the few memories she has as a very young child is lying on her mother's lap watching the famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Since then, it has been a dream of hers to be one of them, although unfortunately, they cut her wings by the show. She says she will be ready for when they decide to do it again.

10. GALICIA, Noemi Sartal
24 year-old Noemi works as cabin crew, image and protocol instruction at an aviation and model. 3 words that define her are discipline, loyalty and empathy. Every day, she goes to the beach for a while as it gives her peace.

11. LA RIOJA, Ednyller Garcia
19 year-old Ednyller works as a stylist and a make-up artist. She describes herself as restless, spontaneous and extroverted. She says one thing people might not know about her is that her tongue is extremely long.

12. MURCIA, Arianna Rausseo
19 year-old Arianna is a graphic designer. 3 words that best describe her personality are loyal, adventurous and decisive. She loves animals and is a proud owner of canaries, parrots, dogs, cats, turtles and fish, among others...

13. NAVARRA, Laura Etayo
27 year-old Laura obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Salamanca, a master's degree in general health psychology at the UNAV and is currently studying a master's degree in systemic and couples therapy endorsed by the FEAP (Spanish federation of associations of psychotherapists). She works as a general health psychologist in a psychiatry and psychology cabinet in Pamplona. She defines herself as a woman committed to each project, goal or illusion that she has, safe and with light. Light for her is balance, harmony and peace. She always carries a notebook with her and writes down thoughts, emotions and things that impact me. Every day at 10:22 p.m. (22:22),  she makes a wish. In the first year of her studies, she always looked at the phone at this time and decided to give it meaning. Now, every day, she uses it to dedicate 1 minute to think about some dream or goal that she has at the present moment.

14. PAIS VASCO, Aida Romero
27 year-old Aida is holds a degree in aesthetics and marketing. In 3 words, she defines herself as humble, brave and hardworking. She loves animals and 2 months ago, she adopted a 3-year-old puppy from a shelter in Ciudad Real. She enjoys her free time with her family. The sea gives her peace and she lives her life as if every day was the last taking advantage of it and enjoying it to the fullest.


Photography: José Urbano. / Makeup: MUBA Cosmetics. / Hairdresser: Janira García by Longwell Spain. / Swimsuit: Lina Poffet. / Acknowledgements: Los Olivos Beach Resort (Tenerife). / Coordination: José Toré for 'Nuestra Belleza Espana' Org.


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