Venezuela is one of a few countries which crown their representative a year in advance with their next edition happening this upcoming November 16 at Poliedro de Caracas. The reigning Miss Venezuela 2021, Amanda Dudamel Newman, will crown her successor before going on to compete at the 71st Miss Universe competition in the first quarter of 2023.

The winner of Miss Venezuela 2022 will compete at the 72nd edition of Miss Universe most likely at the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024. In the same event, the new Miss World and Miss International Venezeula will be crowned to represent Venezuela at the two respective pageants.

Without further ado, let's meet the 24 stunners vying for this prestigious crown!

1. AMAZONAS, Katheryne Bello

Age: 22
Profession / Occupation: Medical Student / Bachelor of Martial Arts.
Hobbies: Sports training, going to the gym, playing the piano and dancing.
3 biggest qualities: perseverant, versatile, patient
Instagram: @katheryne.bello

2. ANZOATEGUI, Mariangel Tovar

Age: 23
Profession / Occupation: Student of Social Communication
Hobbies: Exercising, dancing, listening to music and reading
3 biggest qualities: disciplined, empathetic, honest
Instagram: @mariangeltovar1

3. APURE, Luisana Siso

Age: 26
Profession / Occupation: Social Communicator
Hobbies: Dancing, drawing and exercising
3 biggest qualities: creative, outgoing, hardworking
Instagram: @Lulisiso

4. ARAGUA, Jessica Alaimo

Age: 25
Profession / Occupation: Graduated in Social Communication with a mention in Journalism
Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, composing and playing the ukulele
3 biggest qualities: brave, empathetic, optimistic
Instagram: @Jessicalaimo


5. BARINAS, Jenyfeer Baudin

Age: 24
Profession / Occupation: TSU. Business Administration and Weaver (Entrepreneur)
Hobbies: Dance, hiking, meditation, reading and physical training
3 biggest qualities: Empowered, altruistic, passionate
Instagram: @Jenyfeerbaudinp

6. BOLIVAR, Ana Elena Erazo

Age: 26
Profession / Occupation: Lic. Business Administration, Announcer, Host
Hobbies: Reading, swimming and traveling
3 biggest qualities: resilient, focused, dreamer
Instagram: @Anaelenaerazo

7. CARABOBO, Lorena Bodenski

Age: 26
Profession / Occupation: Publicist
Hobbies: Playing sports, listening to podcasts and reading
3 biggest qualities: disciplined, strong, emotionally intelligent
Instagram: @Lorenabodenski


8. COJEDES, Linamar Nadaf Wahbi

Age: 26
Profession / Occupation: Bachelor of Social Communication, television host and university teacher
Hobbies: Dancing Arabic dance and reading
3 biggest qualities: noble, sentimental, curious
Instagram: @Linamarnadaf

9. DELTA AMACURO, Daniela Malave

Age: 24
Profession / Occupation: Social Communicator mention Marketing and Audiovisual / Model
Hobbies: Painting, dancing, exercising
3 biggest qualities: creative, humble, hardworking
Instagram: @Daanielamg

10. DTTO. CAPITAL, Diana Silva

Age: 24
Profession / Occupation: Cabin Crew - Advertising student, Marketing mention
Hobbies: Dancing, playing guitar, singing, photography, graphic design
3 biggest qualities: dedicated, focused, responsible
Instagram: @Dianasf_

11. FALCON, Yulibeth Sanchez

Age: 22
Profession / Occupation: Physiotherapy student.
Hobbies: Modeling, spending time with my family and friends, listening to music.
3 biggest qualities: perseverant, authentic, grateful
Instagram: @Yulibethmsb

12. GUARICO, Alessandra Marubini

Age: 21
Profession / Occupation: Chemical Engineering Student
Hobbies: Training in the gym, spinning and studying
3 biggest qualities: passionate, overcoming, honest
Instagram: @Alessmarubini


13. LA GUAIRA, Andrea Romero

Age: 25
Profession / Occupation: Model and Bachelor of International Studies
Hobbies: Drawing mandalas, exercising, going to the beach and traveling
3 biggest qualities: perseverant, grateful, courageous
Instagram: @Soyandrearomero

14. LARA, Zaren Loyo

Age: 26 years old
Profession / Occupation: Student of Fashion Design and Social Communication
Hobbies: Watching movies
3 biggest qualities: committed, determined, curious
Instagram: @Zarenloyo1

15. MERIDA, Litzy Gonzalez

Age: 18
Profession / Occupation: 1st year Nursing student
Hobbies: Dancing, walking, reading and baking
3 biggest qualities: solidary, responsible, creative
Instagram: @Litzygonzalez.s

16. MIRANDA, Victoria Cruz Gygax

Age: 27
Profession / Occupation: Degree in Social Communication and Professional Model
Hobbies: I love going to the beach, writing and listening to music
3 biggest qualities: determined, family-oriented, transparent
Instagram: @Victoriacruzgygax

17. MONAGAS, Alejandra Chacin

Age: 21
Profession / Occupation: Business administration student.
Hobbies: Modeling, singing, meditating
3 biggest qualities: empathetic, disciplined, honest
Instagram: @Alejandrachacinm

18. NUEVA ESPARTA, Sharon Frontado

Age:  23
Profession / Occupation: Bachelor of International Studies
Hobbies: Going up the Ávila, reading, coloring, listening to music, baking, cooking, taking care of my plants
3 biggest qualities: disciplined, caring, positive
Instagram: @Sharonfrontado

19. PORTUGESA,  Andrea Rubio

Age: 23
Profession / Occupation: Bachelor of Social Communication, professional model and creator of digital content
Hobbies: Dance, makeup, modeling and animation
3 biggest qualities: disciplined, charismatic, humble
Instagram: @Andrevrubio

20. SUCRE, Katiuska Andrade

Age: 23
Profession / Occupation: Bachelor of Social Communication
Hobbies: Training, reading, creating content for social networks
3 biggest qualities: responsible, resilient, positive
Instagram: @Kati_nazareth

21. TACHIRA, Martha Rodriguez

Age: 23
Profession / Occupation: Student of Social Communication and Agroproducer (agricultural production in my family is our economic base and from a very young age I work in the area and I dedicate myself to investing in this resource personally)
Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing.
3 biggest qualities: perseverant, enthusiastic, determined
Instagram: @Martharodriguezri

22. TRUJILLO, Alessandra Combatti

Age: 25
Profession / Occupation: Lic. Advertising and Public Relations
Hobbies: Reading, writing, cooking, and doing yoga
3 biggest qualities: respectful, dynamic, responsible
Instagram: @Alessandracombatti


23. YARACUY,  Maru Jimenez

Age: 27
Profession / Occupation: Dentist
Hobbies: Travelling, listening to music, hiking and sports
3 biggest qualities: perseverant, disciplined, fighter
Instagram: @Marujimenezf

24. ZULIA, Carla Romero

Age: 21
Profession / Occupation: Medicine and graphic design student
Hobbies: Singing, reading novels, and designing illustrations
3 biggest qualities: resilient, brave, disciplined
Instagram: @Carlaromeroch

Who are your favorites to become the next Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International Venezuela?


Photo: @victorguillenph
Makeup: @albertdavilar @guerrerakey @makeupbyender @erickgab @luisvillalobosmua
Styling: @rafael.linaresc  @albertdavilar @makeupbyender  @hermesandhez71
Eyelashes: @mariayanezusa
Clothing: @guillemdesiner
Accessories: @georginadoumatvenezuela
Posing: @richardhenriquez_


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