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It was just last year that Bahrain debuted at the Miss Universe competition represented by the incredible Manar Nadeem Deyani. She not only made history by being Bahrain's first ever representative, but also by being the first Miss Universe contestant to appear in the swimsuit round in a fully-covered ensemble wearing a flowy activewear jumpsuit.

Now it's time for Manar to pass the crown onto her successor who will continue the legacy. Seven young women are in the running for the title, one of whom will be crowned this Sunday, September 11, to represent Bahrain at the 71st Miss Universe competition next year.

Let's meet the top 7 in alphabetical order!

1. EVLIN KHALIFA is 24 years-old and hails from Riffa. She graduate from five schools: music, dancing, modeling, taekwondo and comprehension. Evlin is passionate about education in different ways. She believes It's never too late to study or learn something new in this life. For her, life is a continuous learning process. After graduation from the university with a Bachelor’s continuous learning process. After graduation from the university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking, she continues her education through online classes by consistently mastering her Arabic and English skills as well as learning psychology through books. Evlin strongly believes in the power of education and she thinks that it should be provided and available for everyone. 

2. GHADEER 'GEE' ALSHAYEB is 23 years-old and comes from Arad. Ghadeer is a passionate student studying web media while juggling different jobs at the same time. She works as a fitness coach, a paddle board instructor, a model and trains kids about martial arts. One of her main advocacies is to create an educated community towards a healthy lifestyle. Ghadeer wants to empower every girl, in any age demographic, to be the best, because for her, women are fighters. She wants all girls to have the opportunity to experience everything that they want to do without any restrictions

3. LUJANE YACOUB is the youngest participant of Miss Universe Bahrain 2022 being only 18 years-old. She hails from Hamala and is currently enrolled in Bahrain High School as a Senior, where she has been serving as President of the Student Council. She is a long-standing member of the National Honors Society, has earned a gold medal and other accolades for her theater work, been invited to represent Bahrain at Creative Connections in Germany, and has been voted by her peers as Prom Court Princess for the past two years. 

4. MARIA MALALLA is 20 years-old and comes from Manama. Maria is a professional fashion and beauty model based in Bahrain. She is a local social media influencer in Bahrain and has been a role model to young girls in her community by propagating kindness and modesty to the young audiences. For her sisterhood is one of the most valuable things that she has learned throughout the journey of Miss Universe Bahrain.

5. MARYAM NAJI is a 25 year-old former player in the Bahrain National Fencing team hailing from Riffa. She is a published writer and a well-known author of horror novels. She was diagnosed with depression, and then started looking for the meaning of self-love and getting rid of sadness, and she started living under the slogan “You will only live once, live it right.” She has become beyond our fears and is trying everything she is afraid of, and she is still searching for herself to overcome depression. 

6. MAYA MALALLA is 18 years-old and comes from Manama. Maya is an energetic woman who likes to challenge herself in everything. She is a young model, although she’s only 18, but she made a lot of achievements in her life. Maya participated in many activities such as beauty campaigns and fashion shoots. She also has experience in dealing with special needs of people, especially kids with autism. She likes to volunteer and to help others. She has worked with Alsroor company, Michael salon, CB cafe, Aroma restaurant, Khenna Perfumes. She’s independent who’s seeking to gain more experience and get the better version of herself. Her advocacy is to empower the Bahraini culture, especially the women."

7. SHEREEN AHMED is a 27 years-old half Filipina, half Bahraini multifaceted professional in the world of media, working as a presenter for a weekly show called Emirates Draw. She comes from Manama and has been writing for digital publications and local brands, as well as modeling since she was 15 years old. Her greatest accomplishment was sharing her personal story in a photo project called ‘Rock Your Ugly’, which resonated with people who dealt with or were still dealing with inner child traumas. Shereen is an advocate for single mothers, and works closely with Hope-Amel UAE to assist in spreading awareness about the platform that provides essential needs for single mothers in the country.

The contestants went through series of challenges & activities, all of which will be shown on the Miss Universe Bahrain YouTube Channel, starting with blind introductions.

Who do you think will be the one to take home the coveted crown and fulfill her dream of representing Bahrain at Miss Universe? We will find out on Sunday!

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