Hi! I'm Nika, a 25 year-old computer scientist from Zagreb, Croatia. I come from a small European country which gives no importance to pageants whatsoever. Moreover, here pageants & beauty queens are made fun of. My start in this pageant world was a random day in 2008 when I stumbled upon a pageant on TV, got intrigued and the rest is history. 

With the growth of social media importance, I decided to create my own page which would care about big, but also give recognition to small, non pageant popular countries - and that's how MISSUUPDATES was born. I went into it with 200% dedication, just like I approach all things I care about in life, however I never expected to get the response that I got. MISSUUPDATES family kept growing and as it keeps growing, my wish to expand and give you more keeps growing as well. So here we are - on MISSUUPDATES.COM - where you'll be getting latest pageant news, in depth explanations on all things pageantry, different interviews and discussions about important topics as well. I hope you'll stick with me and enjoy.

With love, Nika.

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